Anxiety and How to Cope with It

Nowadays mental health is an important issue as the numbers of mental illness have risen. Students in 2018 are more likely to have social anxiety or depression. Even though the numbers increase, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for one to deal with their stress. There are many ways to cope with it, starting from supplements, doing exercise and many more.
If you’re dealing with anxiety, don’t worry as we’re going to help you. In this article we have written off some ways on how to cope with anxiety, hopefully, by reading this article, you can deal with your stress and resume with your daily lives.

Using a CBD Oil

CBDAlthough the name isn’t very well-known, it is proven that CBD oil can help with anxiety. They can be taken as it is or in the form of a pill for supplements. If you’re thinking to deal with anxiety, consider giving CBD oils a try.
If you want to be extra safe, consider consulting with your doctor whether you’re allowed to take CBD oil and on what dosage. Unconvinced about CBD oil? Check out Amy’s CBD Guide as she has reviews on CBD’s oil.


When you’re feeling stressed or having a panic attack, light exercises can help you to distract you from those emotions. Light exercises such as yoga and jogging are known to help with distracting anxiety.
Not to mention doing exercise will help your body sweat, which means your body will tire out from the exercise, not from feeling anxious or stressed.

Change Your Diet

Although some people don’t believe this there’s some studies on how a lousy diet might contribute to depression. If your diet consist of fast food and soda, consider swapping out those eating patterns with healthy food.
Healthy food such as vegetables and fruits will make your skin clear up while at the same time making you feel good.

Seek Help

TherapistWhen you feel pressured, or a panic attack is coming, don’t just sit there in your room. Make sure that you seek help, by talking to your friends or loved ones. Although your problem does not go away, you’ll feel better knowing that someone is listening to you.
Our tip is to seek help from someone who won’t judge you for who you are, and will understand you on what you’re going through. If you don’t have anyone that can understand you, consider seeking a professional therapist.…