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Muscles Involved When Kayaking

The most exciting part about kayaking lies in experiencing the marine life. Also, it is also a good way of working out some muscles and helping you stay fit. If you are planning to enjoy the fresh marine life and, at the same time, workout, kayaking is the sport for you. If you are in the process of shopping for some kayaking essentials, this page goes into more detail. That said, here are some body parts that benefits most from kayaking.

The Back

Kayaking is highly regarded when it comes to working out the core and the back. If you are planning to kayak exercisesshed some fats in your midsection and at the same time strengthen the muscles on your back, it is high time you hit the waters. Each stroke you make stretches out some section of your lats while the other set of lats relaxes. The ability to choose a tempo that works for you makes this workout quite versatile.


Like any rowing workout, the abs and obliques are greatly targeted. If you have a weak core, demanding kayaking sessions can help you strengthen your abs as the trunk, which runs from the waist to the neck, is continually being worked out rotationally. Competing can be a great way of working your abs without even realizing.

Biceps and Triceps

Rowing workouts also improve the biceps and triceps a great deal. As the biceps in one arm are engaged, the triceps of the other are equally involved. As such, you can be assured that these muscles are not left out in any way. As the biceps and triceps are being worked out, your grip and forearms also benefit a great deal.

Boulder Shoulders

kayaking in the lakeAnother muscular group that is highly targeted during kayaking are the shoulders. This is attributed to the fact that the paddle has to move back and forth during progressive strokes. These movements have the effect of transferring the load from your lat muscles all the way to the shoulders. Again, you have the liberty to vary the tempo and the width of your grip, which determines the extent to which the muscles are worked out.
Kayaking can be a great pasttime activity to guide you to lasting health. You need to invest in the best kayaking gear and, at the same time, a passion for this sport. Kayaking makes weight loss possible, improves your heart’s health, and at the same time makes you stronger.…