1. Restaurant – Casual fine dining at reasonable prices. Indoors in the rustic charm of a civil war barn and, in season, outdoors on the deck.Kids will have a blast at Gettysbrew!

2. Pub – The same excellent food as the restaurant, but enjoy our “one tree” bar, overlooking the copper-clad fermentors and watch the big screen television.

3. Brewery – Fresh-brewed beer from high quality ingredients: usually 8-10 different choices plus root beer and orange cream soda for children of all ages.

4. Historic Site – The Monfort Farm was one of the largest Confederate field hospitals after the battle of Gettysburg.A neat pic of our bar!

5. Part of a Responsible Land Development Plan – City water, sewer, gas and 3 phase electric now service the site, but all development is geared to adaptive reuse and preservation of historic buildings on the site. A Foundation for Preservation of Civil War History (A National Heritage Foundation) is established to restore and preserve the farmhouse and support educational eventsgettysbrew2.jpg (20859 bytes) and provide a benefit to the local community as well as the larger community of living historians and reenactors.

6. Stage for Events – From musical entertainment and Civil War Balls to proposals, weddings, receptions, dinners and banquets GETTYSBREW is a beautiful backdrop. Birthday, anniversary and Christmas Parties are great at GETTYSBREW.

A neat pic of our bar!7. Group Tour/Bus Destination – Tours of the Brewery or the Farm and a meal featuring either our beer or homemade root beer/ cream soda make GETTYSBREW a great groups destination. Call or e-mail to coordinate your tour now!